702 Presents CELEBRATE! with Yvonne Chaka Chaka

2015 will be a year of milestones for the remarkable Yvonne Chaka Chaka; her 50th birthday, her 30th anniversary in the music industry and her 10th year as a UNICEF Ambassador.

On the 28th of March at the Lyric Theatre, Johannesburg, Yvonne will celebrate her journey, her work and her life with her CELEBRATE concert... This star studded concert, presented by 702, Chaka Chaka Promotions and Princess of Africa Foundation will feature the hit songs that launched one of the most successful careers in the entertainment world, plus stories and contributions from a host of her iconic friends on stage.

“702 has a long relationship with Yvonne, we are so proud of her achievements and are delighted to be able to present this celebration concert,” said 702 station manager Pheladi Gwangwa.

Yvonne adds, “Growing old is a given, Maturity is a choice. I give thanks, celebrate and appreciate the gift of life. Pausing and reflecting on the footprints I leave behind as a Musician, Mother and Humanitarian, for history is what we make daily! “

Catch her intimate performance, as she takes a journey through her life as an African musician and global celebrity.

Venue: The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City

Dates: Saturday, 28 March 2015

Tickets: R200.00 – R350.00

Bookings: www.computicket.com

Let’s Talk Campaign


Unplanned pregnancies can have an adverse affect on all women, their families and communities.
In 2013 alone, over 73 727 women under 18 years of age fell pregnant, of all pregnancies 1,249 women died during pregnancy and childbirth, and 16,096 children under 1 year died. Many of these deaths could be avoided if pregnancies are betterplanned and managed.

A clear understanding of family planning and the available contraception methods, as well as how women can better take care of their and their babies health during and after pregnancy,can have a positive impact on the lives of all South Africans.

Lack of information on family planning and contraception options is one of the biggest barriers our country faces in supporting our women and girls. To ensure that information is freely available it is critical that we learn to talk openly about it with our children, friends and neighbours.

“Let’s talk”aims to:

De-stigmatise talking about sex, family planning and sexually transmitted infections
Encourage youth, adolescents and adults to talk openly about these topics
Dispel many of the myths surrounding the use of contraception, such as the idea that it makes you fat

Increasing knowledge about family planning and available contraception options
Increasing the number of sexually active women between the ages of 15-49 who are making use of contraception and planning their pregnancies
Reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies, unnecessary deaths due to unplanned pregnancies, as well as the social and financial burden on individuals, families and the community.

So, what do we need to talk about?
(Issues discussed should be determined by the age and needs of the target audience)

Reproductive health, contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STI)

Delaying sexual debut and abstinence
Promoting access to a full range of contraception services, including emergency contraception and Post Exposure Prophylaxis
Promoting dual protection (using a condom and any other contraceptive)
Encouraging people to know their HIV status
Promote information sharing on hygiene and menstruation
Encourage Medical Male Circumcision (MMC)
Access to information on choice and safe termination of pregnancy options
Planning and spacing of pregnancy

Social influences and consequences

Long-term consequences of early pregnancy
Open and honest communication about sex and the importance of care giver-child dialogue
Resisting negative peer pressure
Encouraging children to stay in school and complete their education
Focusing on the socio-economic factors leading to vulnerability
Raising awareness and perceptions of Risk
Promoting rights and responsibilities on sexuality
Men as partners – promoting shared responsibility in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies, the planning for healthy pregnancies, HIV and STI prevention
Raising awareness and demand for support networks for families, care givers and community members

Lets talk CD(1)How to use this CD and music video

Radio stations and broadcasters should play the song as often as possible.
“Let’s Talk” can be used as a platform to raise awareness around contraception and family planning.
“Let’s Talk” is a perfect theme for radio debate. Invite listeners to share their experiences, challenges and successes.
Print and other media, can use “Let’s Talk” as a platform for interesting investigative journalism - for example, what are the cultural influences influencing the use of contraception.

The "Let's Talk" song and music video were performed by Ms Yvonne Chaka Chaka and DJ Reason in support of the National Department of Health (NDoH) National Family Planning Campaign.

The development of the “Let’s Talk” song and the music video was supported by the Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality through Strengthening Primary Health Care in South Africa (RMCH) Programme. RMCH is committed to helping reduce the high number of avoidable maternal and child deaths in the country by working in partnership with the NDoH to strengthen the primary health care system.

The RMCH programme is implemented by the GRM Futures Group partnership (together with Health Systems Trust, Save the Children South Africa and Social Development Direct), with funding from the UK Government.

Melbourne Celebrates Nelson Mandela’s 67 Years with Yvonne Chaka Chaka

A colourful celebration took place in memory of the life-long effort made by one man, his name is Nelson Mandela. Endorsed by the United Nations, the 18th of July will from now on forth be celebrated as An international day for the recognition of Mandela's birthday. As part of a Global initiative, this celebration took place at Rangebank Primary school where over 100 children and special delegates were in attendance.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka readily found 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela. It's a small ask when her mentor and father-figure spent 67 years fighting for a better world.

Friday was Mandela Day, the anniversary of the late South African president's birthday, and a time to spend 67 minutes doing a good deed in memory of him.
Ms Chaka Chaka, a South African singer, humanitarian and AIDS campaigner, visited Rangebank Primary School in Cranbourne to instil a sense of giving. "Children are the best agents of change," she said. "It is very good we empower children."

In attendance at the celebratory event were Celebrate India's Arun Sharma and Jaya Sharma, The parliamentary secretary to the shadow minister for multicultural affairs Jude Perera, South African High commissioner Koleka Mqulwana and Colin Avery, the principal to the Range bank primary school.

Invest in the people who keep businesses running, says The Princess of Africa

I should be tired, but I’m energised.
Over the past six years, I’ve travelled across four continents sharing not only my music, but my vision for a world where everyone has access to healthcare.

Now I am back in the nation and continent of my family, my heart and my soul.

I know my vision of health for all is one I share with many of my fellow South Africans and now I want our leaders to take this vision to the world stage.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, South Africa will host leaders from the world’s emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China – in Durban for the fifth Brics Summit.

This is our opportunity to highlightthe progress we’ve made and to take the lead among growing economies in putting health at the forefront of their agenda.

In New Delhi, India, in January, Brics health ministers called for strengthened cooperation in addressing common health challenges such as HIV and TB.

This was a great start and I saw the hand of Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi paving the way for the fight against these diseases.